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InsideBulls.com Profiles The Best Penny Stock Picks: (OTCBB: AFPW), (Pink Sheets: VPER), (PINKSHEETS: IRCE), (PINKSHEETS: STLK)

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AlumiFuel Power Corporation (OTCBB: AFPW) is an early production stage alternative energy company that generates hydrogen gas and steam/heat through the chemical reaction of aluminum, water, and proprietary additives. This technology is ideally suited for multiple applications requiring on-site, on-demand fuel sources, serving National Security and commercial customers. The Company's hydrogen feeds fuel cells for portable and back-up power; fills inflatable devices such as weather balloons; can replace costly, hard-to-handle and high pressure K-Cylinders; and provides fuel for flameless heater applications. Its hydrogen/heat output is also being designed and developed to drive fuel cell-based and turbine-based undersea propulsion systems and auxiliary power systems. For the Best Penny Stock Picks Subscribe to http://www.insidebulls.com/

Viper Networks, Inc. (Pink Sheets: VPER) a Nevada corporation, was founded in September 2000 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs who have a successful track record in building both private and public companies. The Company is a full service integration and application services provider ("ASP") of worldwide Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP") telephony services, including the transmission of voice and data traffic for communications carriers and provision of enhanced Web-based and other communications services to businesses, institutions and ISPs. For the Best Penny Stock Picks Subscribe to http://www.insidebulls.com/

Interline Resources Corp. (PINKSHEETS: IRCE) is a twenty year old midstream, natural gas and oil development company. Interline's current assets include a twenty eight (28) mile pipeline commonly known as the "well draw gas plant field gathering pipeline system." The pipeline is located in Converse and Niobrara counties Wyoming. Interline also owns four shut in oil and gas wells in the region. The region also includes significant shale exploration. Interline will investigate the viability of the pipeline to service the shale exploration in the region. For the Best Penny Stock Picks Subscribe to http://www.insidebulls.com/

STL Marketing Group, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: STLK) is a subsidiary of STL Marketing Group, Inc. and a Colorado based renewable energy company whose primary focus is to develop and operate renewable energy projects. Its first stage of development is focused on wind energy facilities in Costa Rica.For the Best Penny Stock Picks Subscribe to http://www.insidebulls.com/



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